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“Simplicity Debt Collection Software allowed me to increase my [collection] business 600% without increasing my current staff!”
-B. Smith

Unlimited Users

1 or 1000 employees? You pay the same simple price. Enjoy completely unlimited collection software users for online debt collection, all at the touch of your computer. Debt management software has never been easier to use with our multi-user contact management.

60+ Reports

Slice, dice, and get instant insights with 60+ included reports. Debtor payment reports, collection reports, financial reports and more. With flexible reporting, you’ll never miss a past due account.

Simplicity Cloud Based Debt Collect Management System

Simplicity Collection Software allows you to keep track of your clients. Along with their debt and collection deadlines.  It also enables you to easily managing your debt collection cases. This software really can do it all for you. Here are a few of the benefits Simplicity Collection Software has to offer you.

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Integrating with Other Software

Our software can integrate with any existing software on your system through an API or an FTP interface.

Compliance Features

In order to ensure that your debts are collected on time, there are compliance features in place. A few features include letter automation feature, customized reminders, reporting, and account filters. Which then ensures that accounts are handled in a timely and correct manner.

Mass E-Mail

Our software allows you to communicate upcoming deadlines to customers. The user can then send emails, as well as mass emails, from our system. Our account exporter tool transfers the necessary email addresses from your contacts into the system.

Text Services

In addition, you can contact any of your clients through text message. Using our same tools that allow you to export email addresses. You can then export the necessary contact information and relay it to a texting service.

Automated Uploads

Your clients have individual accounts, as well as individual needs. Keep accounts separate with a document storage area. Which allows you to electronically store documents related to each account.

See how our simple debt collection system can improve your business and help you stay organized by requesting a free demo today.


Recent News

Simplicity Debt Collection Software

Software Update

Simplicity partners with PDC4U (Pay Data Center, LLC.) provides its clients with a new similar option for Credit Card and ACH processing. Through PDC4U, you will gain the ability to use any merchant service provider for credit card transactions and PCI compliance. Additionally, credit bureau reporting and skip tracing services will also be developed. Then we will integrate it into Simplicity Collection software as part of this partnership. Development efforts are currently underway. Simplicity is committed to providing the best software on the market at a fair price.

Unlimited Debt Collection Cases/Clients

Import, export, and actively manage an unlimited number of cases and clients on the web access based database, no matter what the size of your business is. Management services all for one simple price.

Cloud Debt Collection Software

Avoid huge IT costs and headaches. Simplicity’s cloud, or web based collection software does all the heavy IT lifting for you.
Best industry grade security and 100% up-time.

Easy Case Import/Export

With our collections software, you can data import and export cases with the click of a button. Import all of your current cases quickly and easily. We believe in the freedom to move your data how you want to.
Sounds easy? That’s what we do.

Low Pricing

Simplicity Debt Collection Software is the best priced and most fully featured web based debt recovery software, making it the best collecting database in the market.
Low prices and no hidden upgrade fees.

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